As I look out the window of the plane, I can see the majestic Sierra Nevadas. While their height, width, and colors don’t hold a candle to the Colorado Rockies, they are familiar, friendlier, and home. That’s how certain people feel to me I guess. But anywhere and anyone can feel like home if you work at it. The beginning of any relationship feels like an adventure, full of mystery and uncertainty–and then there comes either familiarity or rejection, but do we always gravitate towards a certain space, time, and group of people?

As I continue my journey home, I look around the plane and see fresh babies held by their new parents. I wonder what stories will these people hold onto? Which mountains will they come home to? What pieces of wisdom will they pass on to the fresh generation? When will their innocence fade and awareness taint their naked eyes?

Now from experience, and having seen the world with my naked eye at 1400 feet on top of those blue Colorado Rockies, I can say that we are capable of finding beauty all around us in spite how difficult it can be to get to the top of a mountain and that is what keeps me going. Whether by car, ski lift, train, or foot, we all find our ways to points of reflection eventually. It’s what led me to Colorado to bike the wily trails, climb some red rocks, and visit a dear old friend–who in spite of familiarity, still holds all the wonder of adventure and mystery.

Fo’ reals, it isn’t an urban myth
First outdoor top roping experience (Fall 2015)