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for the love of climbing

My friend, Alex Theran, a fellow climber, shared her thoughts with me on the implications of being called a “badass”. She wrote, “I often plaster my social media with smiles. I erase the memories of very real struggles with a steady stream of upbeat posts and exclamation marks. I wonder if in doing that, I [am making other] women who do have a hard time think that they are failing and that they aren’t cut out for it. Whether ‘it’ is aid work or big wall climbing—messing up, underestimating yourself, overestimating yourself—it’s all part of the process of learning.”

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a “badass” is someone who is “ready to cause or get into trouble” or someone “of formidable strength and skill”. Urban Dictionary’s definition tells us that a “badass” is the “epitome of the American male”. Perhaps several years ago, given the context, it might not have…

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