Aside from the obvious appreciation for long showers and green landscapes, the drought gave me a few gifts: year round access to mountain bike trails, new adventures that on Exposed rock, and new friends along the way.

Visiting the Sierras in November sans snow was a first in my book. The air was crisp and cool, but held none of the majestic white flurries that normally grace the grounds in preparations for a white Christmas. Instead, it presented a very drained Alpine lake full of rocks for the scrambling. We took to the rocks along with other visitors in Bear Valley, local puppies and their owners, and one Bald Eagle. We followed the flight of this patriotic bird and found ourselves in love with the the exposed landscape that’s normally enclosed in the water of Lake Alpine.


While I would never wish for a permanent drought, there’s no sense in not taking advantage of nature’s gifts and wonders. This Spring I relish the sounds of raindrops on the roof and the pitter patter of a normal winter’s return. But I will also be nostalgic for the memories made in the landscapes created by the drought.