Over the course of the last two summers, I’ve complied probably 40+ days of camping so I thought I would share my experiences. When you’re on the road for 2 or 3 weeks at a time, living out of a tent, it’s nice to know a few things at the places you’re staying and the showers you’ll get during the weeks. For each campsite, I also included a safety rating. Being that we were two women staying at each of these sites, it’s easy to become spooked.


Zion National Park, Watchman Campground:

No showers…but people groom themselves publicly in buckets or jump in the river

Nice bathrooms

No Laundry

Not secluded

* Note: Squirrels will find the way to your food even if it means chewing through a plastic bin; it happened to us

Safety: 5/5

Bryce National Park, Sunset Campground:

Coin operated showers and laundry

Pretty secluded depending on your site

*Temperate weather for Utah in June

Safety: 5/5

Arches National Park, Devil’s Garden Campground:

Arches NP

No showers or laundry

Campsites can be up to 18 miles from the entrance

Fairly secluded

*Use a red flashlight at night, otherwise you will be swarmed by bugs

Safety: 3/5 (only because we were so far away from EVERYTHING and staying next to a motley crew of bikers which we later found out to be  friendly)

Spruces Campground in the Wasatch National Forest:

Spruces Campground

No showers or laundry services

Fairly secluded

*High probability of a stream running next to your campsite where you can stow your beer

Safety: 5/5


 Deschutes National Forest, West South Twin Campground:

Hidden coin operated laundry and showers

Fairly secluded (45 minutes from Bend)

Safety: 5/5


Olympic National Park, Kalaloch Campground:

No showers or laundry facilities

Not secluded, our campsite was 10 feet from the freeway which gave us visions of semi trucks barging through our tent at night–though this Campground would’ve been nice had we gotten and ocean side Campground

* Close to the Hoh rain forest and about a 40 minute drive to Forks, the land o’ vampires

Safety: 1/5 (we literally got no sleep, for every time a semi would pass, we would wake up)

North Cascades National Park, Newhalem Campground:

No showers or laundry services

Very secluded

*Nice restrooms

*Title picture was the site we stayed at

Safety: 5/5


 Banff National Park, Lake Louise Campground:

Free showers

No Laundry that we saw

*Surrounded by electric fencing to keep out the bears at night

*Open space kitchen room with a wood burning stove

Fairly busy

Safety: 5/5


Glacier National Park, St. Mary’s Campground:

Free showers

No Laundry

Gave the illusion that it was secluded, but you could hear everything that went on in town, though we stayed there during an annual celebration

*At the bottom of the going to the sun road

Safety: 3/5 (funny, not so funny story–A couple tried pulling off my license plate while I was napping in the tent. When they found out that we were there, they sulked away and then I took it off and stowed it in the trunk.)

Whitefish Bike Retreat:

Whitefish Bike Retreat

Free showers

Laundry for a fee

Very secluded, only 6 or 7 Campsites

*Surrounded by mtb trails

Safety: 5/5  (The only worrisome thing here was all of the yellow jackets. Since my tent is orange, they loved to fly under the rain fly and entertain us.)


Yellowstone National Park, West Thumb Village and Campground,

Free shower per day,

Coin operated laundry

Not secluded at all, but this comes with the territory of Yellowstone NP, if you want       seclusion stay in Grand Tetons NP where there’s much less foot traffic (they also have all the amenities listed above)

Safety: 5/5